a purchase for environmental protection: n,n. x tpl

August 04, 2017

there is truth within the forest,
i find peace when i feel the wind on my skin;
when i hear the sounds of a hidden stream deep inside a lush canopy.
in many ways, nature itself has been a prescription for me -
it calms my anxiety, and lifts my spirits.
when i am immersed in a remote area by myself,
i feel at one with everything; i can breathe.
and so i feel as if that is the beauty of nature,
it doesn’t judge me, it sits still as it has for millions of years and it listens.

i am disappointed by us as humans and our inability
to respect the natural world around us.
this has been something that has angered me for years.
as someone who lives in a rural area and spends most of my time
kayaking, hiking or camping - i have been personally
affected by the spread of commercial building and lack of environmental legislation.
places i have loved since i was a child have changed, and forests and lakes that i love are in danger.

that being said, this issue is much larger than my own selfish concerns.
more species are becoming endangered or extinct,
ancient places of refuge for wildlife are being wiped out,
and the future seems all too grim at times.

in the interest of being up front,
this merch store is essentially my main source of income.
i don’t make a whole lot yet. i make enough to provide basic necessities for myself.
i could have waited to start donating my money until i had some sort of financial cushion -
but i don’t want to waste a minute.
and so with that - i have made the decision that for every purchase made on this site,
a portion of proceeds will go to The Trust for Public Land, an organization who’s mission
is to protect land for ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come.
they have an outstanding record of fighting for the environment, and protecting what we all love.
find out more at

i am hoping to post updates from time to time on how much we have all raised,
and it is my plan to raise the amount donated as the my music/store grows.

thank you all,
- n,n.